terça-feira, março 09, 2010

Um retrato do Lewis - e outro do Shearer - por Nick Carroll

Sei que é chato vir com esses textos sem tradução mas esse do Nick Carroll respondendo as comparações do Steve Shearer com Lewis Samuels é impagavel.

I would actually agree to do a webcast on credit if it involved being able to mock Shearer's incredible bulbous head and ludicrously wispy beard to a worldwide audience.

Not only is he the funniest surf journo since Jarratt, he is also the ugliest.

For those of us struggling to perceive the differences between shearer and lewis samuels, one is an only child from just north of SF with a 145+ IQ and a degree in cognitive science from UCSD whose parents have collaborated on a couple of very successful baby health books and who writes his columns from "above" the culture, very Berkeley American, very NorCal vs SoCal -- sparkling writing disguising a rather moralistic stance on the behaviour of his fellow humans...a kind of intellectual disgust which plays well when contrasted with the not-so-brilliant surf industry.

The other, well I don't know about the tertiary ed and parentage etc other than what he's told us here over the past year or so, but despite the Outsider tag (which will grow increasingly hard to maintain I suspect) he seems to write very much from the gut, actually inside the culture rather than outside, very Old Aussie, relishing a working-class stance and making fun of everyone without moralising too much, and wearing his heart on his sleeve when it comes to things he feels praiseworthy and otherwise.

Very distinct differences in tone and coming at the subject matter from quite different angles, seems to me anyway.

A simpler way to tell 'em apart: whose subjects would be more likely to wanna punch 'em? Probably Lewis, 'cause his putdowns sometimes feel really personal. With shearer, well he said it, it's not bitterness, it's LOVE....

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Steven Allain disse...

otima observação do NC....

Bodhi disse...

Muito bom esse trecho! Só faltou o link pra íntegra do original do Carroll. Assim que puder, gostaria de ler.