sexta-feira, julho 31, 2009

Mais dali, aqui

Organisers of the rebel tour - Slater's manager Terry Hardy and former American boxing promoter Matt Tinley - have an in-principle agreement with US pay television sports network ESPN to broadcast it and claim to have enough financial backing to get the tour running without the imprimatur of the surf industry or peak surfing body, the Association of Surfing Professionals.

"In a year there is a possibility that there will be two world champions, but obviously that's not what we want to happen," Quiksilver International event director Rod Brooks says. Quiksilver, a surf clothing company, is Slater's long-time sponsor and has been involved in developing the rebel tour for at least the past month.

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  1. Nos bastidores, existe o comentários que quem irá bancar toda o Tour será a Nike (já fechado, inclusive).

  2. Anônimo5:25 PM

    E já viste quem escreve o artigo? Fred Pawle, o mesmo que escreveu uma série de artigos na ASL sobre umas quantas situações... digamos "incómodas" para a ASP!... Volta Sarge, estás perdoado!

    Bem sacado.




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