sábado, março 11, 2006

O Gajo tem piada

'And when Timmy Reyes catches the winning wave for Team USA in the ‘Kahanamoku Cup’ all of the sudden the 30-year-old fun-board riding recreational surfer is a fan of Timmy Reyes’ for life. And, by association, 30-year-old fun-board riding recreational surfer is now a fan of the ASP tour for life. He wants to see how his boy Reyes will do at JBay. National teams turn the uninspired into emotive, knowledgeable, die-hard fans.'

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Anônimo disse...

Pergunta feita ao amigo do Paulo Moura, Makua :

You have a reputation as someone who's not going to back down, but who's not going to go out and look for trouble either. Do you think you need to be that way to live here where you do?

Oh yeah, brah. There's always guys around that are gonna try to test you. All those guys are jealous. If they step to the plate, then we're gonna play ball, but I really don't want to go out and look for trouble, cause, brah, you could run into the wrongest f--ker, and he'll just shoot you, bang, see ya. And that'll be the end of Makua. So I just try to keep it low pro, have a good time, do what I do. But if it just comes down to it and it's on, then it's on for sure.


Anônimo disse...

the rigth question

makua, are you stupid because you're born in hawaii or you're so f_ _ ng stupid by nature anyway ?

pres. nixon