segunda-feira, março 13, 2006

Fora da ordem

O pirralho que em menos de 3 meses vem tornando-se uma lenda em ondas de verdade.

19-year-old Towner, who scored one of the best waves of the season in Hawaii last year added another feather to his cap during his first ever surf at Shipsterns, paddling into one of the biggest waves ever to be ridden at the break without Personal Water Craft (PWC) assistance. With Irons calling the wave solid 15-foot (5m) and wide enough to drive a double decker bus through the middle, Towner’s ride is the latest worthy entry in the USD $10,000 Billabong XXL Monster Paddle in category, placing the Northern NSW country kid alongside some of the most revered big wave surfers in the world.

Esse senhor tem gelo nas veias.

“Shipsterns is radical, it’s a really challenging wave, one of the toughest I have ever surfed,” said Irons. “With the staircases in it and the way it hits the reef, it is so powerful, and with the cold water you’re not really penetrating the surface when you fall. I have never really surfed a barrel that changes so much as it goes along.”

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