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Koby inocentado de assassinato

[Notícia do saite Tracks, reproduzida abaixo na íntegra.]

 Koby Cleared! Accessory to Murder Charge Dismissed - 30/03/2005

Around 10.30am on Wednesday 30 March, it was announced in the Supreme Court of NSW that the accessory to murder after the fact charge against Koby Abberton would be discontinued. While Koby still faces two other charges, they will now be dealt with by the district court and carry much less severe penalties.

In a surprisingly low-key hearing, Koby was flanked in the gallery by his brother Sunny, Mark Mathews and documentary filmmaker Macca, all who were obviously ecstatic with the news. "It's unbelievable. That's the big one. Now I can go surfing," Koby said before racing out to order some boards from mate and sponsor Brett Warner for a trip with Bruce and Andy Irons next week.

The only sombre note was the presence of Koby's brother Jai, who was present for the announcement, under police custody in the dock. Wearing a suit and tie, Jai clasped his hand to heart and whispered positive encouragement to his little bro' just after the judge dismissed the accessory charge. Jai still faces a murder charge and is being held in Parklea Prison.

Interestingly the only media present was Tracks, with all other TV, press and radio ignoring the announcement. At the time of his arrest, Koby was front page news. Now he is cleared of the charge, no-one seemed interested. Koby still has to report to the police once a week and give 24-hours notice and an itinery before he leaves the country.

But a possible 15-year jail sentence is now no longer hanging over his head and he's setting about doing what he does best - finding and charging the biggest and best waves in the world.

Ben Mondy

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