sábado, março 05, 2005

Slater de olho no...chao na entrega do premio MTV australiano

Não sou afeito a publicar essas besteiras mas a notícia ficou engraçadíssima (A fonte é o saite da Revista Surfer

[Kelly Slater has faced some big sets in his lifetime, both in and out of the water, but one doubts that he would have been prepared for the pair he faced whilst giving out an award for the Australian MTV awards.

Kelly, who flew to Sidney after winning his first round heat in the Quiksilver Pro on the Gold Coast of Australia on Wednesday, was paired up with ex-Playboy bunny, Anna-Nicole Smith, to hand out the Best Video Award. Despite his normally calm demeanor, Slater looked a little rosy and under-gunned when Smith unleashed her massive 32DD-sized breasts only inches away from the ex-champ on live TV. Being the eternal gentleman, Kelly managed to avert his eyes from the sultry star’s massive mammary glands which were covered in MTV stickers. Without anywhere else to cast his eyes, Kelly spent most of his time on stage looking at his feet, and even managed to get out of the way when Smith jumped on the lead singer from “The Dissociatives” when he arrived on stage to receive his award.

Smith once again revealed her breast during the post-ceremony press conference, but this time Kelly was nowhere to be seen as he had to head straight back to the Gold Coast in order to take part in the contest. There is no doubt that the six-time world champ will be far more comfortable dealing with Aussie ripper Bede Durbidge on the long warping barrels served up by the Superbank than he did on stage with Anna-Nicole’s assets.]

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