quinta-feira, março 31, 2005

Nem tanto ao Mar

[O fotógrafo Nate Lawrence do staff da revista Surfing estava em Asu, próximo desse tal de epicentro do terremoto que acabou de derrubar o pouco que estava de pé em Nias e redondezas.
Evan Slater, editor da Surfing, conseguiu falar por telefone com Nate e relata no saite a conversa]

Foto do saite Surfingthemag

SURFING MAGAZINE: Tell us what happened.

NATE LAWRENCE: We were anchored just off of Asu. We all went to bed, and right after that, everything just started shaking, I thought it was a dream. The boat was just shaking. I didn’t know it was an earthquake, I thought the boat had just dry-docked or something. And then they started the engines up, and Micah came in and was all “Dude, there was an earthquake and they’re loading people on the boat!” And we went up on deck and they loaded about 100 people from Asu.

You were right at Asu?

Yeah, and one of the camps fell over – a two-story camp just toppled.

Anyone hurt there?

No – luckily there weren’t any surfers staying there at the time. We were the only surfers around. But then we loaded all the villagers on and the captain took his little powerboat onto the shore. As people were hopping in, the water sucked out, like, 50 feet and the boat dry-docked. They had to get the people out and they had to push it to the water.

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