quarta-feira, fevereiro 16, 2005

Confuso, eu ?

Na dúvida entre um último cameponato e último ano em campanha, resolvi buscar mais informações.
Abaixo o link para o saite da Billa
2005 Surfing Season to be Occy’s Final Chapter
After 22 years, 21 career victories and a coveted 1999 world title, which he won 16 years after first stepping onto the ASP tour at the age of fifteen, the "Raging Bull" has decided its time.

"I have had a great career. I’ve done all the things from when I was a grommet that I've wanted to do that’s why I'm calling 2005 my last year. I want to leave on a high note. I feel like I could probably keep on going for a few more years but I want to finish my career surfing as good as I can, and I feel as I am at that stage right now. I don't want to be going at about 50% and just making up the numbers."

E aqui para o saite da Surfing
SURFING MAGAZINE: There was some initial confusion, people thinking you were actually retiring this year.

MARK OCCHILUPO: Nope, nope. It’s not the case. I just want to do it right. And it’s kind of cool giving everyone notice because then I can say bye to everyone -- especially in those countries where I likely won’t be returning. That’s what I’m doing.

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Anônimo disse...

Fala Julio, beleza?
Gerson - ricosurf - falando. Qual o melhor mail pra entrar em contato com vc? o meu: gersonfilho.ricosurf@globo.com

MCG disse...

Isso tudo é Occy.