quinta-feira, março 25, 2004

JET SKI TOW-IN FEVER (clica aqui para ler o original!)

[Essa notícia foi 'emprestada' do saite do Sarge, fotógrafo e repórter boa-praça que sempre levanta a bola da brasileirada - desde os tempos da dupla dinâmica.
Clica no título para ser direcionado ao saite do Sargento]

Kelly Slater was featured on the TV news last night, recalling one good long pit, buzzed by a chopper just 30’ above. Joel Parkinson featured on the wave of the day on another channel, recalling this morning, “Kelly called me on to it, I think – I’m not sure if he said ‘go’ or ‘yo’, but it doesn’t matter because he knows that as a local I’d have kicked his butt anyway. Coming off the bottom it was just a foamy monster, but I kept with it and it ended up turning into a nice clean one, about six foot, and I scored a good 10 second barrel, came out and claimed it, and then got another one. It was pretty good!”

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