sexta-feira, abril 26, 2013


“Time passes and the past becomes the present. What you were living and thought you had lost forever is ancillary to your work. Then suddenly it acquires a shape, it exists in an order of time all its own and this order of time demands a literary form. So then these presences of the past are there in the center of your life today. You thought they were unimportant or that they had died, but they have just been looking for their chance. If you try to force a theme when you are twenty-five and have lived less, you find you can’t do a thing with it. Suddenly it offers itself gratuitously. At fifty I find there is a long line of characters and shapes demanding words just outside my window. I wish I could capture all of them, but I won’t have enough time. The process of selection is terrifying because in selecting you necessarily kill something.” —Carlos Fuentes

Leia mais dessa maravilhosa entrevista que o escritor Mexicano Carlos Fuentes deu ao Paris Review em 1981aqui
Aproveita e passeia pelo novo saite da revista criada pelo George Plimptom, tá duca!

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