terça-feira, dezembro 06, 2005

Boa ação

'Saturday night at Waimea Falls, the North Shore Community Land Trust held a benefit party to help in their quest to purchase 1,129 acres from the Obayashi Corp. from Japan. The land was originally slated for housing development, but community resistance thwarted that. Now, the community is trying to buy the pristine land.

Pancho Sullivan, Kelly Slater, Rochelle Ballard, Jack Johnson, and Mark Cunningham are the co-chairs and all have made a big commitment to the preservation of the area. Kelly donated $10,000 and then made a pledge to donate his entire winnings from the Pipe Masters to the cause. Andy Irons threw down $7,500 for a Smirnoff trophy Shaun Tomson won, and Jack Johnson jammed with John Cruz to top off the night.'

Notícia do saite Transworld

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