quinta-feira, janeiro 27, 2005

O link das cartas do Dora voltou a funcionar (clica aqui e vai!)

Dora competindo ?

[trecho da carta]

'Being of good humor, which is uppermost of being of sound mind, let me begin; Did you happen to see the article in Life magazine, February 1990? The Endless Bummer by Claudia Glenn Dowling: Well, this clown, Tubesteak, lent me a copy. It was posted in February and just arrived today. The pilgrimage took five months down the camel caravan ride via Timbuktu! (He forgot to send it air mail.) After reading the article in Smithsonian, a television show produced by Burt Reynolds and Burt Convey, invited Gidget and him to appear as guests on their show. It’s format is an updated “What’s My Line?” They were billed as the original Gidget and Kahuna. They stumped the celebrity panel and walked away with thousands of dollars. A few days after Life magazine came out, NBC heads called Tub Steak from Atlanta regarding an assignment America (Tom Brokaw’s the anchor) and a consultation with the executive producers to do a movie featuring old surfers.

F-- all those washed up a--h---s! I could care less!'

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