domingo, outubro 03, 2004

Ouçam Kelly

[Slater em entrevista ao velho Sargento]

'Raoni Montero impressed me, I think he’s the best Brazilian guy on tour in a long shot and he’s got the real deal. He’s got a really good and strong technique, and he’s fast and really aggressive. I was saying on the web cast he reminded me of Pottz because he just goes for it. He’s not holding back ,so its probably going to cost him a few heats before he figures that out, but he’s gonna start to come back and combo a few people on the way. I think he’s got a good future, and definitely a chance at the top 10 surfers and, if he gets his game plan together, he’s probably a top 5 surfer.'

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Lucio Mello disse...

É, palavras de quem conhece. Tomara que se concretizem, e rápido.